Strap on your ear goggles and get ready to PARTY… Introducing: WHAT’S THAT NOISE?! The galaxy’s only two-man, live-instrumentation, rock and/or roll Beastie Boys tribute act. Featuring fresh and dynamic interpretations of classic Beastie Boys songs, as well as inventive and unexpected medleys and mash-ups that span every corner of the Beasties eclectic thirty-year career.


A fun and wildly energetic performance is brought to the stage by these Two MC’s and No DJ, otherwise known as Joel Rutkowski and Nick Liberatore, a pair of talented multi-instrumentalists who also make up the Los Angeles rock duo ELEMENOPY. For years, ELEMENOPY has been wowing audiences with their unique and interactive live performances, which have been hailed as: “intense adrenaline fueled adventures for the band and its audience alike… part rock concert, part vaudevillian spectacle and part extreme sports event.” (dtlabuzz.com)

elemenopyMCA On May 4th, 2012, the music world was devastated by the news that Adam Yauch (better known as Beastie Boy MCA) had passed away. Four days later, ELEMENOPY had a live show scheduled in Los Angeles, and since they already had quite a few Beastie Boys covers in their repertoire, they decided to pay homage to one of their musical heroes by playing a full set of Beastie Boys covers at the gig. The heartfelt impromptu tribute to MCA was well received by the audience, and Joel and Nick had so much fun playing a full night of covers by one of their all time favorite bands, that they instantly decided to officially form a full-fledged Beastie Boys tribute act.

joelConventional wisdom might dictate trying to find a third member to round out the act, but being musically “conventional” is something that Joel and Nick have never been accused of. Thus, they decided to forge ahead and infuse WHAT’S THAT NOISE with the same unique style of showmanship they had always employed in ELEMENOPY. The boys deftly trade off between a myriad of instruments on stage (including acoustic, electric and bass guitars, synthesizers, full drum kit, congas, bongos and other hand percussion, etc.), all while utilizing multiple effects peals and live looping to create an intense full-band sound. Add to that an uncanny ability to flow through the Beastie Boys’ intricate lyrics with spirit, aggression, and an honest sense of joy that can only come form two guys with a sincere love and appreciation for the work of MCA, Ad Rock and Mike D.

joelIndeed, as life long fans of the Beastie Boys, Joel and Nick come well equipped with the Skillz to Pay the Billz. They are able to tackle anything and everything from the Beasties long and varied career of amazing music. From their early-80’s hard core punk jams, to their old-school Hip-Hop 80’s classics. From their 90’s instrument-heavy alternative hits, to their shrewdly evolved masterpieces of the 21st Century. WHAT’S THAT NOISE is putting a novel and boisterous spin on these timeless songs, and they have Beastie Boys fans Fighting for Their Right to Party all over again!